Why this matters for Canterbury students

There are so many problems facing students in Canterbury because of the breakdown in communication between students and those making the key decisions with your money. I’m sure I am not the only student trustee who has the ability to understand financial regulation and make wise decisions. But, we need that and more.
We need somebody who understands the problems facing students well enough to prioritise spending, and understand the system well enough to produce hard-hitting results.
If elected as student trustee, I will make it my mission to break down spending decisions online, so that all students can see where their money is going, and where their money is being wasted. Any students concerned with decisions made by myself or others will be able to contact me at any time and expect a response ASAP.
It’s important for Canterbury that we have a Medway rep. Your union loses £50,000 at Medway each year. That’s because not a single person in the Union is from Medway. How can the board of trustees make efficient decisions, and prevent wasted money, when not a single rep understands the infrastructure? Most people on the council haven’t even been to Medway, let alone understand how to maximise efficiency for it. These unwise spending decisions are affecting us all. It’s time to put a trustee in power who knows what they’re doing, and remembers who they’re working it for.


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