Why this matters to Kent students on the Medway campus

You won’t be shocked to hear that Canterbury students get more funding than us.
We can see it when we have to wait days for a course-relevant book to become available, because our library is shared with two other universities. Even though our money helped to build a £15 million extension to the Canterbury library.
We can see it when 40 Medway societies are given £500 to split between them, meaning the average society has £12.50 each . Even though our money helps to fund 150 societies at Canterbury.
We can see it when hundreds of students have been disenfranchised because there wasn’t enough financial support for an LGBT society until this year. Even though our money helps to fund society events we have no access to.
What will shock you, is how big the difference is.
Canterbury students get £1.66 per head, whilst we get 70p.
That means over half of our money is being spent on a campus we aren’t able to access.
Societies and course reps in Medway struggle to get enough funding to survive, whilst Kent Union throws a measly amount of money at us, with no direction or care, and hope for the best. Cooper’s makes a loss of £46,000 a year, and Kent students are footing the bill… even though Greenwich owns the lease.
If elected, I will go to every meeting, attend every speech, and vote on every motion passed to ensure that we finally get the representation that we deserve and pay for.
There is no transparency in our Union, with Medway at Canterbury students alike having no idea where their money is going. I will break down spending decisions online, so that all students can see where their money is going, and where their money is being wasted. If you are concerned with decisions made by myself, or others, you will be able to contact me at any time via email, or arrange a meeting to talk about problems facing your society, course, or standard of living. I will make it my mission to never let a problem go without a fight.


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