Kent Union: We did it!

I need to start by saying thank you.
With your support, a Medway student beat those at Canterbury to become part of Kent Union: something a lot of people didn’t think possible.
Before Monday, next to nobody on our campus knew much about Kent Union, let alone that there was an election. In the space of three days, we  launched an extraordinary campaign. And we won.
Students who had barely used the Kent Union website managed to outvote those in Canterbury; that’s an amazing achievement. It shows just how determined we are to stand up and be counted after all this time.

I couldn’t have done it without the campaign team. Chris Walker and Emily Magdij helped to write voting instructions on the back of every poster when our campaign money couldn’t cover any more “How to” guides. It took us hours and they never once complained.
My fantastic flat mates Jonathon Stevens and Kat Towerton did so much. Jon passed on posters, and spread the word to countless people around campus. Kat shared links every day and told everyone she knew how to vote.
Jacob Roberts-Mensah had an incredible impact. Sometimes I would ask complete strangers if they’d voted and they would reply “Yes. Jacob told me to vote for Maya Esslemont.”
Everybody in the Centre For Journalism was so supportive, with my class always sharing links and encouraging others to vote.Really, I have to say thank you to everyone.

There were literally tens of votes in it, so if you shared the poster on, got your flatmates to vote, or just voted yourself, you made this win possible.

Winning this is just the beginning of things to come. For the first time, we will have a voice within our union.

You have all put so much effort behind this campaign, I hope I can now return the favour.

Thank you so much, Medway.
Maya Esslemont


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